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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most innovative, efficient and customer Brokerage Firm offering cutting edge technology and personalized service boosting the investment capabilities of our clients supporting them to achieve their Wealth aspirations.

Our Mission

Concorde Investments has its core mission to offer the best Brokerage services infused with our decade-plus long industry experience.  At Concorde Investments, we always strive to ensure customer satisfaction, maximum performance and security in every investment you take part in with us. Resourceful by nature and skilled through experience, we are certain that we will fulfil the aspirations of our clients, employees and shareholders supporting at the same time our community.

Our Values


We treat our customers, colleagues and our community with integrity, respect and fairness. We show genuine appreciation to their needs and problems, listening carefully to their ideas and the way they interact within their ecosystem. We operate always in accordance with the legislation, regulations and codes of ethics in order to always protect the interest of our clients. We follow diligently our internal code of conduct and code of ethics and apply them not only to our employees but also to our management and Directors.


We are committed to quality in everything we do. We strive to find the best solution for our clients minimizing their costs and maximizing their profits. With the use of cutting edge technology and transparent procedures, systems and policies we always deliver as promised and on time.


We enhance the services provided to our customers through continuous learning and innovation. We work hard to continuously improve our systems and procedures and through our global partners we get valuable information and expertise advancing our abilities to serve our clients and the trading community better fairer and cheaper.

Cross Border Services

Besides the list of countries where in accordance with its license the Company is authorized to provide with its services Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd has also got a permission of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to provide its services to clients from the Ukraine.